Project – Create a professional email for “Free”

This project aims to create my own professional email address. Some website registration requires the use of a company/professional email address so this project enables me to do that.


  • Use my domain for the email. This isn’t technically free, but the same effect can be done using free domain which is not covered by this post.
  • I’ll be using ZOHO mail free plan to create my company/professional email.
Step 1: Search for ZOHO mail and go to the pricing section.

Step 2: Scroll down and select free plan.

Step 3: Sign-up with the domain you want to use for the email.

Step 4: Enter your registration details.

Step 5: Complete the mobile verification. Then add 2-factor authentication.

Step 6: Next, we need to verify the domain we had specified. We’d need to create a TXT record with the ZOHO provided value. In my case, I have an existing DNS zone setup with AWS Lightsail.

Step 7: On the next section we can add users and create groups. I’ll skip this for now.

Step 8: We’ll need to create MX records with our DNS hosting provider.

Step 9: The next sections are for SPF/DKIM and email migration setup which I’ll skip for now.

Step 10: Complete the setup and 'Go to Control Panel'.

Step 11: Go to '' and access your ZOHO mail.

Step 12: Let’s do a test email.

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