Hi my name is Nico and welcome to my website.

I’ve been working as an IT professional for over 10-years, specializing in network engineering. I took up Electrical Engineering at college but I transitioned into the IT industry. You may refer to this link for reference on my various certifications.

I’ve built this website for a few of reasons.

First reason is to document the stuff that I’m working on. This website serves as my personal notebook online. I often forget stuff that I have already accomplished or implemented, documenting it allows me to go back through it in the future.

Second reason is to share my experience and knowledge. Hopefully be able to help someone along the way.

Thirdly, this website will serve as my portfolio. It is easy to say you know something or that you have certain certification. Being able to show the application of those experience and knowledge is another thing. Hence, this website exist for that purpose.

Lastly, this serves as a hobby for me and an outlet for creative thinking.

I hope this site could be helpful for you and feel free to drop me a message.